Dang, Turkeys Suck…Elves Rule!

Turkeys get no respect.  Seriously.  I mean, maybe in the food department, but that’s about it….and it’s really kind of sad, I mean after all, they DO give up their lives so they can be basted, roasted, stuffed with Stove Top and covered with gravy.  Ask any kid under 12, what holidays are in the Fall and Winter?  Halloween and Christmas.  And what’s the other one?  Um, Valentine’s Day?  Um, no.  In October, we are bombarded by costumes, trick or treating and pumpkins and in November, we are hit with Fir trees, Christmas movies and Black Friday.  Turkeys even have to fight for a space in their OWN parade.  It’s one thing to have to compete with SpongeBoB Squarepants AND Hello Kitty balloons at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, but throw in all the cute lil elves, too?  Dang, to be a Thanksgiving turkey must really suck.  After all, we can sit on Santa, so why can’t we sit on some Pilgrim’s lap at the mall?  And I know, “Rockin around the pumpkin pie at the Thanksgivin hop” probably won’t win a Grammy, but do I have to listen to Christmas carols while I’m carving my turkey, how about piping in some soft adult contemporary hits?  I like Billy Joel.  So, because Thanksgiving turkeys get treated like poo, I’m gonna say an extra word of thanks to all the lil ignored turkeys and for all that they do…and then I’m gonna hit the sheets, so I can be ready for Black Friday…just kidding.

3 thoughts on “Dang, Turkeys Suck…Elves Rule!

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