Blowing Smoke with Mrs. Williams

It took me two times to finally understand what “last call for alcohol” meant when you were in a nightclub. The first time, I was so excited to be in an adult nightclub, I really didn’t get it. The second time, I definitely got it. Since I didn’t have a lot of money in college, I often tried to get the most out of everything. If I had a lil bit of ketchup in the bottle…but there wasn’t enough for my fries? Yup, add water.  Hey, not enough milk in the carton for my Fruity Pebbles? Yup, add water. You get the picture. So, when I actually had money to get into a club…I danced until they kicked me out. I remember being so confused by this “last call” thing. Was it because bartenders had to cash out? Was it because alcohol couldn’t be sold past midnight? Was it because people needed to start calling cabs? No. I got my answer when the lights came on and I saw what I looked like after dancing for 4 hours.  Straight.  Sweaty face. Matted hair. Streaked eyeliner. I looked possibly…a little stinky. Wow. Not pretty. So, basically, I realized that “last call” was essentially your last chance to get out before anyone could see you…especially the person who thought you looked really good and was about to ask you out. Um, Rain check! Anyway, this college memory came back to me last week when I visited a Hookah bar for the first time ever. I looked around the dim candle lit lounge and thought, “Best lighting ever!” The smoky air made everyone look like gorgeous supermodels…I instantly knew, there was gonna be a lot of rain checks issued that night. Anyway, my best friend and I sat there for like 4 hours surrounded by mango smoke. We had a great time doing something; I personally had always wanted to do. I had never heard of a bucket list until the movie, The Bucket List, came out three years ago. I remember watching that movie…and thinking I wished I would have made a bucket list of foods that I would never eat again.  Peach Cobbler.  McGriddles.  Steak.  Yum.  It’s sad that sometimes it takes an illness or something tragic to happen to someone before they finally decided to “live.” Maybe it’s because we are always waiting for the right time to do something…when in truth there really isn’t a perfect time. I had a friend who always wanted to go on a cruise, and every time I would ask her about it, she would say “I gots to get my money right”. Sadly, to this day, her money still ain’t right…that luxury cruise ship already sailed, and let’s be honest…her ass wasn’t on it  and never will be on it…ever.  I’m not saying to spend all your money on crazy and foolish things, but I think there are some things that can be done on a personal level that cost you nothing…except maybe your pride. You wanna belt it out like Mariah Carey and not just in your shower…be a diva and do Karaoke…you may not get a record deal, but you will get the chance to do something you really wanted…and that’s better than some dumb old twenty-five million dollar record deal anyway…right? Yeah. Ok.  I’m so lying…but anyway, my best friend and I decided to really focus on seizing our opportunities instead of saving them for a rainy day…we heard Wendy Williams tickets are free…Can you say…Road Trip!

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