Yoga…Pretzels…and Gravy…Oh My!

So, today I started my yoga class…and it was great!  I left feeling revived.  I left feeling sweaty.  I left feeling a little sad for pretzels.  Seriously.  Because of yoga, I now have a deeper appreciation for pretzels.  Yes, pretzels.  In fact, the next time, I visit an Auntie Anne’s pretzel kiosk, I’ll go up to the little plexi-glass window and say a little prayer for the little rope of dough that will soon be pulled, bent and twisted into shape…because today, I experienced what it must feel like to be a pretzel.  I thought growing up as a dancer, gymnast and cheerleader might help me today, however…my body was like, “Um, you want me to do what?  Uh-uh, I don’t think so”.  However,  I persevered and hung in there, I enjoyed every minute of it and will definitely be back next week.
Anyway…tomorrow is Thanksgiving Luncheon Day at my children’s school…also known as…”Guess what’s under the gravy?” Day.  Kidding, I love my kid’s school, but this is the one time of year, that I actually don’t care that…I don’t have a stomach.  I haven’t been fond of turkey since 1982, when I starred in the epic production of…The Thanksgiving Tragedy of 1982.  It’s a story about a young naive girl who chokes on a big honking piece of turkey meat.  Yeah, I won an Oscar.  Anyway.  I might not like turkey, but I’m still familiar with turkey parts..  Turkey leg. Yup.  Turkey breast.  Yup. Turkey wing?  Yup. Turkey loaf?  No.  Hence the big glob of gravy to conceal it.  And the dessert?  Pumpkin spice flavored Italian Ice.  Yeah…not too tasty.  But, it doesn’t matter, because my kids (who are regular lunch boxers) will be so happy to stand in the hot lunch line, they won’t care that the food tastes like crap.  I just hope no one smells my Panera Bread potato soup that I’ll be hiding in my bag…cause I ain’t sharing!  Happy Gravy Day!


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