I Eat Cat Food

Today I’m eating cat food.  Kidding.  It’s really potted meat…but it does look and smell just like cat food…Fancy Feast to be exact.  I ate cat food when I was 12, but that’s another blog.  Speaking of cats…they are really smart.  My mom trained my cat Corky LePatch to use the toilet.  Seriously.  It was so nice in the morning to just flush the toilet instead of shifting through poop balls and pee clumps.  Anyway, I like potted meat because it goes down easy and has a good amount of protein which is something I struggle with nutritionally.  Anyway, enough about potted meat…I really just wanted to talk about cats because I laughed at this video all day yesterday.  All Day.  You will too….and not because you are a mean person…but because it’s funny…NOBODY is gonna adopt you now, Bad Bad Kitty!

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