You Wanna Take A Dump?

I realize that some of the lingo I use concerning my medical issues probably might make some people say, “Huh, what?” So this blog will be dedicated to the Best & Worst “side effect” of my Gastrectomy which happens to be Dumping.  Clinically speaking, Dumping happens when food particles empty too quickly into the small intestines.  Visually speaking, Dumping would be similar to watching a garbage truck open and seeing all the contents rush out and hit the ground.  Personally speaking, Dumping sucks.  I knew a little about Dumping before my surgery, but because my doctors had never personally experienced it for themselves, there was no way to really convey exactly how I would feel if it were to happen to me.  I mean, if they would have told me, Dumping was going to remind me of going through 25 hours of labor WITHOUT an epidural & ice chips, I would have thought they were exaggerating.  Unfortunately, I found out…after Dumping for the first time…hey, labor wasn’t THAT bad.  It’s one thing to sweat, vomit, shake, moan in agony from nausea, and have an uncontrollable heart rate and produce a baby….it’s another thing to go through all that and get nothing in return.  I’m not trying to scare anyone at all, because not everyone that has stomach surgery will dump…and it’s different for each person, actually, it’s even different with the same person.  I may eat something on Monday, feel miserable and Dump, and then be a risk taker & try to eat the same thing again on Wednesday and NOT Dump.  Crazy huh?  Also, there is Early Dumping and Late Dumping…It can come quick, like in 5 minutes…and dissipate quickly…and sometimes it comes late and lasts for an hour.  It just depends on what you eat, or how fast, and how much fat or sugar or grease, or carbohydrates or protein was in the food….and hey, did you drink with your food? You just never know.  It sucks but it won’t kill me.  Dumping is awful (Google Dumping gastric surgery on YouTube and you will hear several accounts)  BUT it’s also good because it reminds me and my body of what to NOT eat, and that definitely helps me stay on track…and have a better quality of life…sure, it might not be the greatest way to get there…but given my circumstances…it’s definitely a start.

3 thoughts on “You Wanna Take A Dump?

  1. Love your description – yeah dumping sucks hairy donkey balls.

    Only thing worse than dumping syndrome is the sometimes explosive diarrhea that comes with a 6-second warning (doesn’t help when you are in car, more than 2 feet from toilet, or are wearing anything that must be unbuttoned, unzipped or pulled down).

    My bowel movements “usually” happen every 3 days are are basically the same thing that you encounter with newborn babies on formula (all my nutrition comes from tube feedings). Every once in a while…yeah…even a cork wouldn’t hold back the volcano.

    I personally say burn everything afterwards – shoes, panties, pants, socks.

    I know there are people reading this thinking “gross” and wondering how anyone could talk about such things…my response: it’s called reality and if we didn’t talk about it; we would all sit at home and feel completely alone. Now, we know we are not alone. We are not the only person in the world who has cried as their body spasm with phantom food, wiped crap off their legs and wistfully remembered when food wasn’t the enemy.

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