The 10 Foods I Would Eat If I Could Eat…

This has been a tremendously hard week for me.  I’ve been hungry…like really hungry…like an “I would even eat something that dropped on the ground and was slightly covered with dirt particles” type of hungry.  I have been dreaming, thinking and reminiscing about food.  A lot.  Logically, I know this week probably has something to do with my hormones and Mother Nature (ahem)…and I should be happy that I only deal with this type of hunger one week out of the month…but dayum, that doesn’t stop me from wanting a Philly steak and cheese…extra peppers, please!  People often ask me, “If you could eat anything, what would it be?”  When given that question on the spot it’s hard to pinpoint just one thing, because there are so many things that I could choose.  So, today, I thought about the things I would have if I could have anything that my heart desired…it surprised me that some of the items listed below were not because of a particular taste but of a particular memory associated with it…so here is my list of the ten food items I would really love to eat again…and in no particular order

Medium Rare Ribeye Steak with A-1 sauce…because it’s so freakin good

 House salad with blue cheese (no croutons…I am scared of them. Seriously)  I miss salads the most!

Pho soup (just noodles no meat) with extra bean sprouts & jalapeños and so much Sriracha Sauce that your nose runs profusely and you cry

Cherry Chip Cake (2 layers of course) with creamy white icing so thick you can’t swallow without the help of cold water or milk…I had this cake almost ever year for my birthday

Fried Cabbage with Polish Keilbasa… my Mommy made this like 2 times a week…she simmered it with butter and salt & pepper…truly comforting and so damn good!

Sauerkraut (that’s the German in me) & Hotdogs (that’s the American in me)

A Krispy Kreme plain glazed donut…the first time I ate one of these…I felt dare I say, “not poor” I was in my 20’s and went to a KK store and ate one when the sign said “Hot”…as a kid I only ate clearance half-priced old donuts…you know the donuts that were made on Monday…but now sit on the “special” markdown table on Thursday

A warm McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish with extra tarter sauce (I ate these because of the steamed bun…it was so soft, kinda like a baby’s butt)

Southern style peach cobbler with flaky crusts…reminds me of My Dear Aunt Marie…who could throw down in the kitchen

and Finally…

An Oscar Meyer bologna sandwich made with 2 pieces of soft white Wonder Bread (the bread HAS to be taken from the middle of the loaf…not the front…and definitely not the back) A little mustard, a pickle and some chips = lunch heaven for me

…and don’t judge me…you know Nobody likes the crappy heel part of the bread loaf…they just don’t admit it


2 thoughts on “The 10 Foods I Would Eat If I Could Eat…

  1. For a long time all my dreams had incredible buffets in them. Seriously, I would be climbing some mountain and next thing you know I am piling food on a plate and shoving it in my mouth as I move down the line. The buffets were fabulous and had everything you could possibly ever want to eat. I seldom dream of all-you-can-stuff buffets anymore but I’ve woken up after dreaming about bbq ribs and feeling the need to check to see if I have sauce smeared on my face.

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