The Squirrel and The Dumbass

Okay…so today I learned some valuable lessons.
Number 1…Don’t make fun of unstable bi-polar rabid squirrels
Number 2…If you do make fun of them…DON’T wear 5′ inch stilettos
Number 3…Remember animals have feelings too. Be kind to them. Even the psycho ones
Number 4…Trust your gut. If you know it ain’t right…it JUST ain’t right!

Anyway…so I totally ignored my instincts and went to investigate this weird sound I heard near a friend’s home. Yup stupid…cause you know “Black People ALWAYS die first” in a scary movie. But anyway…I hear this squirrel making sounds like he’s a damn Crow.  I wonder (now that I am safe at home) was the shrieking some type of mating call? I dunno, I mean it didn’t sound sexy…but then again, I ain’t a squirrel. So I made this lil video to capture the moment (yeah, too much time on my hands today.) I stopped rolling (look at me sounding all Steven Spielberg like) when that lil creature came after me! YUP! for real…this squirrel ran to me…aren’t squirrels supposed to run AWAY from you?…Anyway. I ran faster than Flo-Jo down the block and IN my 5 inch heels. He chased me for at least one driveway length…Seriously. I was really scared and I bet that lil sh*t chuckled…ARGH!!!!…anyway
ENJOY! (oh, and I cursed at the end…just FYI)


One thought on “The Squirrel and The Dumbass

  1. hahahahahahahahha – our squirrels do that all the time. You would not like our squirrels – if I haven’t put out the peanuts soon enough in the morning they start climbing on the screen door and yell at me to hurry up.

    They take the peanuts from my fingers – my two cats look on in horror.

    The squirrels will sit against the screen door eating peanuts while the cats get waffle nose from pressing against the screen. It’s a riot.

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