I Poop Puppies


When I first became pregnant with my first child, it seemed everywhere I looked…I saw waddling women with big bellies…everywhere.  It was the same way when I got my truck, I honestly never noticed them on the road before, but after I got one, it seemed like everyone and their mama had one…and like me in…in silver.  Now that my life kinda centers around…well, poop or well, the lack of it…I see it everywhere.  Everywhere.  Case in point…this innocent Play Doh puppy project.  I guarantee if I would’ve seen this craft BEFORE my digestive issues.  I would have been, “Aww…that is sooo cute!  I have to get that for the kids.”  Now I simply see a puppy made out of crap…and it ain’t so cute. Just sayin…


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