I am Stoopid. Really.

I really hope I graduate from 3rd grade. Seriously…at the rate I am going…I won’t.  I will be stuck in the 3rd grade.  Forever!  Do you know how embarrassing it is…to have the homework that YOU (meaning me) were to suppose to check and make sure IS right…be wrong?  And not JUST once….but TWICE in the same week?!  And it’s only Wednesday!  Damn.  The sad part is…I was a teacher.  I should know better.  Yup.  However, in my defense, my brain is a little rusty since technically, I haven’t taught since 2003, and a lot HAS happened in my life…so I get a pass.  (Don’t you love how I use capitals for EMPHASIS?)  Anyway.  I realized, as I was struggling with writing out place value (and by the way, I did feel incredibly dumb) that WORKING makes you smart…NOT school.  Wait…let me take THAT back…working HARD…makes you smart…NOT school!  Let me explain…before you argue or say, “Ooh, I can’t stand her.”  I guarantee you (meaning you) if you watch a “so-called” underachiever, who apparently hated math…and who just couldn’t seem to add 2+2 in class…just watch them closely…watch them…bust their @ss in a restaurant kitchen…taking orders from a “Shift Manager” who is 3 years younger THAN them…when taxes roll in, and social security takes a lil bit and they wonder “Who the hell is, FICA?”  Boy, at that moment, they sure can add up numbers in their head!  They’re a math whiz!  Hey, people are smart, all of a sudden when it’s dealing with money.  Particularly their money!  I admit, I suck in math…but try to stiff me on an additional 25% on a sale item…and all hell breaks loose!  I surprise myself even…because I don’t need a calculator.  So…YES!  Education is wonderful and important and I really love my kid’s teachers (they are awesome!)…but sometimes, you have to work hard and humbly to understand…and to get a REAL education.  Just sayin…  🙂

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