The Grammy Awards are for Losers…

Most people love getting awards, even if they don’t admit it. An award is a sign of excellence…knowing that we have been recognized and given value for our work is a wonderful feeling. I remember the first award I received…not counting the green participation ribbon…but my first true award. It was a gold trophy for dancing at the local county fair. It was small and plastic, but I loved it because it meant I was SOMEBODY! I was a STAR…ok, technically…Marla, the amazing decorated Dairy cow, was the biggest star at the fair…but I digress. Growing up, I loved to sit in front of the TV and try to predict who would win Miss America or Best Actress on the Emmy Awards (Damn Susan Lucci, you lost AGAIN?) The Oscars were always hard because I didn’t know half the films or actors nominated…but the Grammy Awards? I totally loved them! I knew most of the songs and loved to dance as I watched the music performances. As I was cleaning my son’s room today, I saw something on his dresser that made me realize how much times have changed…and that the Grammy Awards are no longer the epitome of music recognition. The ultimate goal for any singer or musician these days…is simply two words…Kidz Bop! Seriously, if you don’t make a Kidz Bop CD…you as a singer or musician….suck eggs! Who cares if you have a room full of Grammy Awards…if you aren’t as cool as, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Just sayin…


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