7-11 Chili…I Would Die For You…well, maybe…

I was explaining to a friend what constitutes a liquid…in my world.  Most people would say that 7-11’s Chili and Cheese is not EXACTLY a liquid…hell, some people may say it’s not even a food…but I do…I love you 7-11!  Anyway, a liquid to me is anything that can slide down my throat WITHOUT chewing.  Before my stomach surgery, I lived on just Altoids Mints.  During my stomach surgery recovery, I lived on mashed potatoes.  After my colon stopped working, I lived on just TPN.  A year later, after TPN, I lived on just “liquidly” liquids like soup and smoothies.  And now I simply live…on what doesn’t make me sick…and I am cool with that decision EVEN if it’s not particularly what my doctors ordered.  The problem with “doctor’s orders” is no matter how great your doctor is (and mine are fabulous) IF they don’t have what you have or have experienced it…they have NO idea what you are going dealing with on a daily basis.  But I do.  I experiment a lot with different things, and when I find something that doesn’t make me dump (see 2 blogs ago) I stick with it.  Is it boring?  Maybe.  But being sick…well, that sucks eggs…Ah, eggs…sigh…which I miss terribly on a McMuffin, damnit…but I digress.  Due to the fact that I don’t always ”Go” aka…have a bowel movement…for sometimes weeks, I am kinda selective about what I eat, even if it doesn’t seem like the right choice to others.  The thought of a steak sitting in my colon for WEEKS is well, gross…but my runny 7-11 “I swear I’m made out of beans and spices, just promise you won’t look at my ingredients” chili…good!  I have had it 3 days in a row.  No dumping.  Maybe some bloating, but not TOO bad.  I have enjoyed it. And frankly, it makes me  feel normal.  Yep, to walk into a 7-11, and get what “everyone” else gets.  Pretty freakin cool.  I feel my Mediport…with my fingers and notice it…BUT no one else does.  The protruding port in my chest…that lump of metal beneath my skin that gives me iron and saline every 2 months (and for the rest of my life) I notice…BUT no one does…everyone smiles…at me…like I am like everyone else.  And I smile back.  It’s a good day.  Not one person today asked me…”What’s wrong?  Why can’t you eat?” and I have to admit that’s better than any Kobe steak…Ok, I am TOTALLY lying. A Kobe steak, medium rare…might be the best thing EVER…but 7-11 is a close second, Yup…Yup!


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