I am a Little Debbie Snob

little debbie nutty bars

Image by bunchofpants via Flickr

I had a rude awakening this weekend.  I have always prided myself on being cheap. Not THAT kinda cheap, but the beautiful art of finding the least expensive route to obtain things. My friends like to say I am frugal, but I think they only say that because they feel uncomfortable calling me cheap, and feel obligated to soften the word on my behalf.  However after this weekend, I found myself in a quandary…I may not really be cheap after all, and I found this to be quite devastating.  As I was busily getting Hurricane Irene necessities at the local Wal-Mart, you know…wavy chips, french onion dip, Chicken in Biskit crackers (those things are so good) and one hazelnut candle…I stopped in the “snack aisle.”  I stood there for at least 15 minutes, my head going back and forth between the Lil Debbie Nutty Bars and the “generic” nutty bars.  I was completely surprised at my behavior because normally I would have just grabbed the best bargain without a moment of hesitation.  Something was wrong. I couldn’t decide between the two boxes.  The pictures on the front looked almost identical, although the peanut butter on the Lil Debbie box looked…dare I say *creamier.*   I turned over the boxes.  Damn, same ingredients!  The price?  A whole dollar difference! My pulse accelerated.  My breath quickened.  It just looks creamier, I sighed as I stroked the Lil Debbie box tenderly.  I stood there for five more minutes.  I knew what Lil Debbie tasted like, I had tasted it before…the chocolate and peanut butter melting together in exquisite unison.  This generic crap?  What if it tasted like paste on cardboard? Since I couldn’t decide, I had to break it down in a simple way…If I WERE to die tonight from this Hurricane…and this was the last thing I ate (even though I am NOT supposed to have any solids, but its a Hurricane for goodness sake’s) would I want some unknown generic crap to be my LAST meal or have a wonderful Lil Debbie snack…wait, CREAMY Lil Debbie snack as my LAST meal?  I chose Lil Debbie.  I realized, it’s okay to be a snob about certain things, it doesn’t mean I’m not passionate or conscience about helping my family save money, it simply means that I just like creamier peanut butter.


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