My Mommy has Mind Control Powers

Yesterday, my mother who happens to be visiting, tricked me into actually cleaning my house.  Again.  This is the second time she has used her mind control power on me since she’s been here.  It always starts with a simple question.  However, questions asked by my mother are really not questions at all.

Mother:  “Do you want me to vacuum?”  Dramatic Sigh

Translation…Even though I only get to see my precious grandchildren a few times a year, I will take the time to clean up your dirty floor because you are too lazy to do it, and I can’t believe I have to do this because I taught you better than that, you filthy little piggy…

Me:  I will…in a minute, can I just watch the end of Family Feud?

Mother:  Are you sure?  Sigh  I don’t mind.  Sigh 

Translation:  I am giving you one more chance to redeem yourself as a good child…a child that I thought I raised right…a child I bore after 18 painful hours of horrible labor, mind you, without an epidural and you should feel really guilty now since I gave you a double dose of my sigh. 

Me:  I will Mom, Ok?

Mother:  You are such a sweet daughter

Translation:  Sucker

Me:  Yup

Mother:  Do you want me to unload the dishwasher?

Translation:  Ah, time for me to watch Little House on the Prairie 

Mom is one smart cookie.  I dusted, took out the garbage AND folded laundry. She here for 3 more days…sigh  🙂


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