I Cheat at Scrabble

Scrabble game

Image by jcolman via Flickr

I admit it.  Is that wrong?  I play online with my mom, who happens to be a whole lot better than me, and I get tired of losing, every damn time we play.  She’s a  major nerd, so I’m sure that helps her in some way. One time she used the word “pam” and then smugly told me the definition when I challenged her. I always thought “pam” was a just a girl’s name or something you spray on a pan to make sure your food didn’t stick, but did you know that it’s a card game too?  Don’t worry, you’re not stupid, only about four other people in the entire world knew that too. So, that’s why I cheat, because it’s extremely hard to play against a nerd superhero and win.  Deep down, I know it’s wrong, but when she waits until her time is about to expire to casually hit the submit button, I get a little ticked off.  I hate that I waste most of my allotted time looking blankly at my letter tiles.  I hate knowing that I will probably lose again.  I hate scrambling to get my letters in the right order.  I hate knowing I went to college and the only word I could come up with is…CAT?
Really!?  CAT?  Behind the safety of her computer,  I know she is smirking at me, probably updating her Facebook status to “She spelled CAT…Can you believe that?” so all seven of her friends can laugh at me too.  That’s cool.  Keep laughing, because actually, I am learning a lot.  Did you know that a pug is not just a smooshed face dog…but a machine that grinds clay? I didn’t, but I do now. Unfortunately, and this is the sad part, even with cheating, I still lose most of the time. OK, all the time.  But, that’s okay, because the time I spend with my mom is precious and far better than winning…Sometimes.

6 thoughts on “I Cheat at Scrabble

  1. A few years ago, a friend asked me to come over for the evening to play scrabble with her elderly mother, who was in very poor health and didn’t get out much anymore. I’ve got a ton of education in every subject under the sun, so as I drove over there, I thought about how I could discreetly let the old lady win. I didn’t have to worry. She slaughtered me!

  2. Yups! it’s the experience of spending time with her doing something fun that matters more than winning the game, but yeah i share your frustration because i always lose too! i guess in this day and age with smart phones that type for you and blog sites that remind you that words are misspelled, we get way too lax on remembering words we can use 🙂 good luck on the next game 😉

  3. So, I play my husband most evenings (yes, really) and he always wins by about a hundred points. May I take you aside and ask in hushed tones HOW you cheat? I may be able to pick up some tips…

  4. I consider myself to a smart cookie, yet Scrabble (along with Tuesday Trivia Night) never fails to make me feel inadequate. The best part about cheating at virtual Scrabble is when you randomly win one time without cheating — and it becomes all the more special of an accomplishment!

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