Me and My Magnificent Mashed Taters

There are very few things I can eat…although I do best on just liquids…things that are mushy work…are ok too…


I have no tummy
But you are so yummy-
I would really like to take a bite.

I have no tummy
But you are so yummy-
You’re so fluffy and so white.

I have no tummy
But you are so yummy-
I love you so much I could swoon.

I have no tummy
But you are so yummy-
Every time I put you on my spoon.

When I was 20, I worked at KFC…to help pay for college…I was a rebel, a traitor…to the chicken industry…because I was moonlighting with burgers at Wendy’s.  The best thing about KFC…was that I could eat for free..Everything….EXCEPT for the hot wings…and the desserts…although…I realized that I could easily scarf down a strawberry parfait in the freezer…in the time I was supposed to be “stocking” something…that worked until my dumbass shift manager noticed I had…a little whipped cream on my lip…let’s just say I wasn’t allowed in the freezer for a while…but whatever…ANYWAY…for a college student…free food was a real blessing…unlimited coleslaw, extra crispy chicken…and of course the mashed potatoes…and the gravy…I ate this way every night…when I graduated college…I stopped going to KFC…I couldn’t stand the smell…didn’t want to see Colonel Sanders smiling face anymore…and frankly, I guess I really didn’t realize how expensive it was to eat there…especially when I had to use my own cash…For years I avoided chicken places…then I discovered Popeye’s…and fell in love with their lumpy mashed potatoes and cajun gravy…I haven’t been back to KFC’s for their potatoes…and while I am grateful to… Mr. Harland Sanders for helping me financially get through college…my heart now belongs to Popeye…
Many of my favorite foods…I can no longer tolerate…I miss not only the taste of the foods…but the wonderful memories associated with them…the happy and peaceful places that my mind would wander to…after that first bite…
Thankfully, mashed potatoes are still something that I can have in moderation…I can close my eyes…and feel 20 again…if only for that bite…


One thought on “Me and My Magnificent Mashed Taters

  1. Me too! Potatoes are a life saver. Made roasted reds in the oven tonight with fish. For some reason those seem to lean towards the safe side. Wonder why that is. Might have to look into that. Who would have thought starches and carbs would make such a come back (for GPers anyway lol) ! 🙂

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