When Did Holding the Door become a Sport?

First of all…you need to know I wear heels almost everyday…4 inches or higher….at 5’1…I like to feel tall and statuesque…and besides they come in handy when I am trying to reach the last box of waffles at the grocery store that ALWAYS happens to be in the BACK of the freezer…Always in the back? Really?
I wear heels to the doctor…to the park & the mall and walking around the thrift store…which I LOVE to do…hell, I even wore heels in my 9th month of pregnancy with my first child…although…hindsight is 20/20…my feet looked liked some Jimmy Dean sausage…all swoll in ma pumps…not pretty…
But I have never ran in pumps…until today…
He was just being nice…holding the door and all…at the store…waiting for me to get there
But I wasn’t THAT close…
So I kinda sprinted
Quickly to the door and him…like a beautiful athletic old Flo Jo….back in the day…
“Thank You”
I said breathlessly…secretly cursing how he made my forehead sweat…just a bit
But it was nice
And it was
courteous…and thoughtful
And at that moment…
I swore to invest my money
in a nice pair of flip flops.





One thought on “When Did Holding the Door become a Sport?

  1. Saw your comment on my post, so I wanted to see what you had to say… and I like it. I have certainly had to run in heels because some nice person was holding the door!

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