When I write…I just let it flow…I deal with all types of issues…I hope you enjoy  🙂

Why are we Hungry?
Is it because we had NO food?
We have food…
We are living in the land of plenty….
IT’S because we long for that void, that hole to be filled up?
Have you ever been hungry?
Really Hungry?
Where your stomach caves in? You gasp for…just a morsel of a crumb?
We want love…and respect…and acceptance
We want to be liked by our co-workers, looked at by the next cute guy or girl
in the cubicle…by our boss
Real hunger….
is when you beg….plead for just a bite
when your pride is diminished….cause you hold a sign and cry…for a quarter
HUNGER is when you would eat from a garbage can…. and be glad
be careful….
when you say…
you are STARVING
WHEN you are just so HUNGRY
cause there are people who really are….
you are just a debit card away
just sayin…


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