Sometimes they are soft, like rich cashmere between my fingers-
Sometimes they are loud, like the screams on a fast rollercoaster-
Sometimes they are hidden….and I seek them out…if only for comfort sake-
Sometimes they are so “in my face” that I turn away because they are so close-
I am not crazy.
I am not manic.
I am not on drugs.
I am human.
I have feelings.
I am like you.
The voices tell me all kinds of things.
Some of their words are kind.
You are Nice. Sweet. Funny.
I smile at first..then I cock my head…
because…I can’t trust them…
They turn on me…
They turn Unkind…
They whisper…
You can’t do it alone. You are not strong enough. You just CAN’T!
I shake my head…furiously…
Trying to get them to STOP!
Please, give me strength…I look up towards the sky…
I Breathe…
And wait…
Waiting for the ONE voice to tell me…it will be okay…
It is Distant… And very Faint.
But I do hear it…
And that gives me hope…Hope enough that I can DO IT and will make it!
It may take a while…But I will do it-
And when I do…
I will smile
I will smile BIG
I will have conquered them…all…every voice
The only one I hear is…
And it will be the one I trust…and then I will finally be at peace…


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