I wish I had a Crappy Life!

No…really I do…seriously.  You might be curious on why I would want that, right?   I guess I should tell you right away that this blog is gonna deal with *gasp* poop…yeah, I said it…poop or crap or doing the number 2…or whatever other colorful name you have for it…I won’t be graphic or make you squeamish…just giving you a heads up. I won’t go into detail in this blog…after all this is just a brief introduction of myself…”Hi, I’m K…I am 39, I love the Golden Girls, walks on the beach…oh and I can’t go poo poo.” Now it that doesn’t sound like an intro at a 12 step program meeting, I don’t know what does.  The truth is I have a digestive disorder called Colon Inertia…which basically means my colon just lays around lazily and doesn’t want to work…kinda like my Dad did when I was younger…oops, I won’t go there…anyway.  I was diagnosed with CI in 2009…a year AFTER…I had my gallbladder removed AND stomach removed…Wow, now that I think about it… 2008 and 2009 …kinda sucked for me…but I digress…So, now you are probably thinking, “What in the hell is this chick’s deal?”  See, you are getting curious…aren’t you? You are thinking… Does she eat?  Can she eat?  Where does it all go? And most importantly, Who is her favorite Golden Girl?  I hope that you join me on my little journey as I embark on a new chapter in my life…simply called…”The Waiting Room.”

Oh…and my favorite GG is Blanche…she may be a slut-puppy, but she sure can rock some mules

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